Diana F Sepulveda
Digital Marketing + Creative



As you navigate through my site, you will find samples from some of my favorite projects. I graduated from the Dodge School of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University with a B.A in Advertising and Public Relations. Bilingual and multicultural, with over 12 years of experience working in a broad range of industries from a full-service advertising agency, established tech companies, tech start-ups, hospitality, to operating my own e-commerce.

I’ve worked with every size client — from big brands like T-Mobile & Burger King, to small businesses, to entrepreneurs with the beginning stages of an idea. I specialize in translating complex concepts into visuals and narratives that resonate with target audiences and drive measurable results.

I work one-on-one with you from start to finish to determine your needs, develop your strategy, and to implement and track my marketing services.

Shoot me an e-mail and let’s discuss your project!